скорость, точность, безопасность

FNTSA information

This site is created for athletes, law enforcement officers, law-abiding gun owners and law-abiding citizens.

The main goal of our federation is to develop applications shooting sports, cultural development of weapon handling, forming a positive public opinion in relation to the law-abiding gun owners and arms as a whole.

One of the features of the sport is its availability as a beginner, middle arrow and experienced shooters.

Also aims to test and enhance the skills and abilities of shooters, not equipment or adaptation to the exercises.
Arrows are classified according to their level. Classified arrows assigned categories: Novice, Sharpshooter, Sniper, expert, and finally Master.

One of the unique aspects of these sports is that they are focused on beginners or mid-level shooters and, at the same time, it is challenging and rewarding sport for experienced shooters.

The organizers of the developed rules under which a practical weapon can be used for sporting purposes. An interested person can spend a minimal amount on equipment and still be competitive.

  1. To promote the safe and professional use of arms and equipment intended for self-defense.
  2. Provide a balanced sports field, allows you to check the ability and skill of each arrow, not the art equipment and adapt to the exercise.
  3. Divide individual categories of equipment and shooters to weapons with similar characteristics were grouped together, and the arrows with the same level of skill competed among themselves.
  4. Give shooters the opportunity to participate in the application and realistic shooting, which simulate possible situations and test the skills necessary to survive in the real collisions.
  5. Offer practical direction shooting sport that benefits the shooters and sponsors, with unprecedented control rules for equipment.
  6. Create virtually directed shooting sport that allows competitors to focus on developing skills and combines shooters with similar interests.

Legal literacy owners and fans of weapons. Questions the legality of the use of weapons from the point of view of the law, fragments from the practice of law, and more!

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