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Матчи: IDPA

IDPA матч Toamna de Aur 2019 Tier 2


Информация по матчу
  • Дата матча : 05.10.2019
  • Начало : 10:00
  • Упражнения : 10
  • Кол-во выстрелов : 154

General info:

04 October 2019 - pre-match
05 October - Main match
10 Stages, 154 Shots
Participation fee: 55 EURO (branded T-shirt and meal included)
Registration link:


Download stages

Shooting Range:

Practica, Gratiesti

Gun rental & Ammo:

Ammo: 12.5 EURO/50pcs (ZVS match)

Gun rental: 15 EURO
We have the following list of handguns: Glock 19, Glock 17, Glock 34, CZ Shadow 1, CZ P10C, Grand Power Escalibur

Entrance with own gun:

For consideration to those athletes who will come with own guns. We need to prepare for you documents for Moldavian Border Police and this will take some reasonable time. Therefore the applications for border trespassing documents will be accepted till September 10.
So we need from you the following info, which you can send by email to: office@fntsa.md 
1) copy of passport
2) copy of europass for the gun
3) copy of sport certificate/card (or IDPA membership card)
4) place of border trespassing (Chisinau airport or vama Albita-Leuseni)
5) filled invitation form (coming soon today)


Download invitation in PDF


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