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European Handgun Championship 2019 in Serbia

The members of our Federation took part in European Handgun Championship 2019. 
Which was hold in Belgrad, Serbia 7-14 September 2019. 
The championship attended more that 1100...

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Competitions between departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Armed Forces in conjunction with FNTSA

On August 23, 2019, on the territory of the Dinamo shooting complex, competitions were held between teams from various power structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Armed Forces of the Republic...

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Magtech Cup 2019

Our shooters took part in Magtech Cup 2019 in Hungary and win prizes!

We express our gratitude and appreciation to the organizers and SO, as well as to our Ukrainian (Ukrainian Defensive...

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Handgun masterclass by Tactical Performance Center

In a period of 21.05--2.06 2019 there was held a TPC Handgun Mastery Course in Chisinau with Rossen Hristov and Brian Nelson....

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IDPA Frommer Cup Hungary

March 2, 2019, the IDPA match Frommer Cup was held in the Hungarian city of Dunaiuvaros. Our athletes, in the amount of 7 people took part in it and earned prize and winning places in various categories. A...

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Our shooters at HUNGARY IDPA STATE Championship 2018


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IDPA Moldova promo

We have prepared a promo video about IDPA in Moldova
Please watch, comment and share!

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On February 10, 2018, for the first time in Moldova, shooters participated  in a practical shooting match in PRODUCTION OPTICS DIVISION. The match was organized by the National Federation...

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Our victory at IDPA Carnival Cup in Hungary

 Как известно, поездки зарубеж стали доброй традицией для стрелков Федерации FNTSA. Ежегодно наши спортсмены посещают различные матчи в таких странах, как Венгрия, Чехия, Румыния, Украина и Россия.  Read more

Членские взносы за 2018 год

Уважаемые стрелки, доводим до вашего сведения, что стартовал сбор членских взносов за 2018 год.
Размер взноса: 450 леев
Срок: до 30 декабря 2017 года
Способы оплаты:
1) банковским...

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